Tahzae, Lash Artist & owner of Lavish Lashes

This week I am featuring a friend that has personally inspired me with her journey – Tahzae Letcher. I have known her since middle school and have always admired her drive along with her optimism. Not to sound cheesy, but she’s one of those people, you see and she will completely brighten your day. Recently, Tahzae has just opened up a lash studio and is working on building her personal brand.

In this post, I talked to Tahzae about the challenges of opening a business, lash extensions and how she balanced being a mom, student and opening a business.

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Shyann These Days: What inspired you to get into the beauty industry?

Tahzae: That’s a really good question, well my family are all in the beauty industry. Growing up I really didn’t think I would end up doing lashes. Or being in the beauty industry at all. I’ve always done it as a side hustle. Until I had my son, I think he’s actually who inspired me to take it serious. I wanted to figure out away I can do this and make it be my career. So I took several trainings and classes and went to school and here I am now.

Shyann: How did you balance being a mom, a student, and opening up your business?

Tahzae: I’m not the best with time management. So I sought out help from other people. I had a couple of mentors. I was taught to use a planner and sticky notes. I put things in my phone – reminders, alarms, and in the calendar on my phone. It really works and helps me to see things I’m a visual learner so being able to see my plan is better than trying to remember everything in my head. However, I’m still working on having the “perfect” balance I have room for improvement but I’m glad to say I’ve came along way.

Shyann: Yes, time management is a challenge! What was the biggest lesson you learned during the process of opening your studio?

Tahzae: I would say patience is everything and also trusting the process. I was looking for a place for a while – since May of 2017. And I found a place but it wasn’t meant for me so I didn’t give up, I kept looking. Then in September I found something and it took me only three days to open, repair and start business. That was it, that place was meant for me for sure! I love it, and this is only the beginning!

Shyann: Yes, you’re just getting started! What’s your favorite part about being a lash artist?

Tahzae: Meeting new people and building a relationship with them. It’s a pretty rewarding career. Making my clients feel really good and confident, not only making them feel good but Lavish. Making the service a real experience.

Shyann: C’mon experience!! What do you offer to your clients that make the experience different from other lash artists?

Tahzae: Coming to Lavish Lashes is a full experience from when you walk in. From the aromatherapy to the relaxing music and the intimacy of my space. It’s just my client and me, very personal and private.


Shyann: Aww, I have to visit. I’ve had eyelash strips once for prom haha but lash extensions are becoming really popular, what are the benefits?

Tahzae: The benefits of eyelash extensions are simple, it’s truly an enhancement. Bye bye mascara and bye bye to strips. With lash extensions they’re so versatile, women can achieve so many different looks. If she’s a supernatural gal who normally uses maybe one coat of mascara she would appreciate a very soft flirty look. Maybe even a “mascara” look, or for someone who loves glam but doesn’t want dramatic she can get a hybrid set. This set includes thicker strands known as volume fans mixed in with classic lashes. As a master lash technician, I must be creative and very versatile.

Shyann: Did you design your studio yourself?

Tahzae: I sure did, I had a vision as soon as I saw the space. I knew exactly how I wanted it, and it didn’t take very long to come to life, only three days.

Shyann: That’s great! Along with your business, you are also building a powerful personal brand. Your Instagram page is filled with so much consistent positivity, I love it. How would you describe your personal brand?

Tahzae: Last year I discovered my purpose on earth. It is to influence, inspire and impact. I noticed that on all of my social media platforms, I’ve been trying to fill people life with positivity and help make a good impact on them, to make them want to do better for themselves and it’s been working. My goal is to keep doing this while being my true self. I noticed that people like when I post my outfits more than the positive stuff and I’ve lost followers, but I’m going to keep doing it because I have seen the impact.

Shyann: Yes, keep posting because some days I see your posts and it gives me a boost. I’m not a fan of seeing negativity in my TL, I don’t care who you are friend, cousin…you will get unfollowed. So please keep sharing, forget them haha.

Last question, you just turned twenty-four. What advice would you give to the early 20 somethings who want to open a business but fear all of the challenges that come along with it?

If you’re a person in your early 20’s thinking about becoming an entrepreneur you should totally go for it! You should become educated in what it is you want to do, and if you’re already educated, continue learning so that you’re really knowledgeable about your field and as long as you have a passion for it, then the money will come but that’s nothing to worry about, just do it and don’t look back. Have goals and write them down.

To keep up with Tahzae, be sure to follow her personal IG @Tahzae & Twitter @TahzaeDnae. Also, follow her business page on IG @LavishLashesCle.