LA, Treat Me Well

A year ago I was expecting to graduate college, move to Los Angeles, land my dream job and start living my life like it’s golden. That didn’t happen at all. Instead, I went on tons of job interviews that had nothing to do with my true career interests and I ended up landing a temporary position that I hated. My post-graduation life wasn’t cute. I was grateful to be employed, but it had nothing to do with my career field and each day I sat at my desk doing repetitive tasks while asking myself constantly, “what are you doing with your life?” It drove me insane. It also was a distraction from what I had actually accomplished. I was a first-generation college graduate with an impressive resume, but it was hard for me to celebrate that when I wasn’t seeing the results I thought I’d see. Recently, I started to see myself falling back into depression because ten months later and I still wasn’t living the life I want to live. With that being said, I finally built up the courage to make a life changing decision to move to California.

I love Cleveland but I was ready for some new experiences. Knowing what LA has to offer, I finally made my way back. Four weeks ago I purchased a one-way ticket, it was an instant decision that I wasn’t sure about but I told myself, “if you’re going to do it, then do it.” So, now I’m here. How do I feel? I feel excited but overwhelmed, I’m scared but also feel confident, I feel impatient but know that patience HAS to become my best friend. I have been trying to enjoy this moment. I know this is a big step and a huge accomplishment. However, my little mind keeps saying “Okay, you’re here. Now what?” And I had to tell myself, “GIRL, you only been here for four days. Calm down.” Moving to LA will not be my greatest accomplishment, I’m excited to see what’s in store for me here. On my flight to LA I wrote four things to remind myself when I do get these panicky thoughts because they will come but I can’t allow them to distract me. Below are things that I have learned over the year and things I have to trust in order to keep climbing in this journey.

Know your potential. Affirm your greatness. Do not doubt yourself.

  1. Not knowing what the future holds is OKAY.
  2. Rejection is OKAY. I will not allow myself to get down about something I’m being denied of.
  3. Don’t fall back into toxic thoughts and behaviors. Keep working on being conscious and living in the present moment.
  4. Know your potential. Affirm your greatness. Do not doubt yourself.

For the first time in a long time, I truly believe in myself. I’m following my heart; my head is clear and I have faith. God is about to bless me. I know it.

P.S. – I want to thank you guys for all of your kind words, I know I’ve been a little secretive with this move but I hope you enjoyed this read! I have so much content in store that I think you’ll enjoy! Stay tuned! Also, to all of my upcoming college graduates, try not to be so hard on yourself in these upcoming months. Remember to trust the process, acknowledge & fully accept your present reality and most importantly be grateful for what you have accomplished. 

Photo courtesy of Ravie B.