Our intention creates our reality – Wayne Dyer

This year instead of focusing on resolutions that I never stick to, I set some intentions for 2018. When you have the right intentions then accomplishing goals becomes easier. In the past I realized that I have put so much pressure on myself by making unrealistic goals, when you have unrealistic goals you lose focus because you’re not seeing any results.

For an example, majority of us make the “gym resolution” year after year, we are mainly making this resolution to get our bodies ready for the summer but if your anything like me – you work out six whole times a year and attempt to do better next year. This year instead of making a resolution to get abs, I intend to workout consistently so that I can feel better overall. Of course we all want to work on our summer body but just getting in the habit of doing some type of physical exercise consistently will lead you to that goal. When you make the right intentions, they will easily become apart of your lifestyle.

For my first post of the year, I am sharing my 2018 intentions. I certainly have goals, we all do but I am not going to spend this post listing all of them. Instead here is what I am aiming for this year.


Navigating through life with anxiety is exhausting. In 2017, I let my anxiety take over my life and a month ago I was forced to face it by getting a therapist. Everyone gets anxiety every now and then but for someone living with severe anxiety its constant and pervasive and in order to manage it you must make it your full-time job. So in 2018 I intend to do everything in my power to control my anxiety, that includes practicing good thoughts and being consistent in my workout, meditation and prayer. With discipline, I will live above anxiety.


Lately I have been consuming a lot of media, I like to be up to date on everything in the industry I am apart of but honestly it’s a distraction. I need to be creating more, period. This year I intend on being confident in my ideas and making it a priority to generate them. I have to stop putting so much pressure on myself when it comes to creating and simply calm down. I can have an idea and think of a million reasons why it won’t work instead of thinking of a million reasons it will work, that’s also my anxiety but confidence is key in creating anything and it is something I’m lacking. So this year I intend on consuming less and creating more – if I spend more time creating, I will spend less time consuming. 


I have become a professional at protecting my energy. If I’m not surrounded by like-minded people, I’m most likely not going. If you can’t give me a conversation with substance, I’m not answering the phone. Those things are imperative to protecting my energy and of course minding my business at all times. There are so many ways to escape unwanted energies – take notice of what throws you off, set boundaries, clear your space and watch how peaceful your life becomes. In 2018, I will continue to make ‘protecting my energy’ a priority.

So what intentions are you setting for yourself this year that’s going to help accomplish your goals? Tweet me and let me know @1ShyannS