Girl, You Will Be Alright

Way too often I have been finding myself having mild panic attacks and the cause of them has been mainly about my future. The year of 2017 has been filled with feelings of anxiousness, self-doubt, fear and just feeling stuck. Some days these feelings can spiral out of control, leaving me feeling hopeless and a mess but I fully understand that this isn’t healthy so I’ve been practicing ways to live above it, usually these attacks end with a deep breath and a note to myself saying “Girl, you’ll be alright.”

In your 20s, there is so much pressure to have it together. Daily I have to remind myself that I’m only 22 and I have more than enough time to accomplish all of the things I want to accomplish but it’s challenging keeping that perspective. I try my best not to compare myself to anyone but I’m always questioning when my time will come. Everything that I want right now isn’t going to come now and maybe no time soon so my best bet is to trust the process and be grateful for this journey. These days instead of being so hard on myself, I’m putting my energy towards setting personal goals and living in the now. Here are some ways of how I cope when I feel my spirit breaking and I need some clarity.


Some days negativity will cloud your mind and its okay, write everything you feel down and trust me your head will be a lot more clearer. It also helps you to better understand what you may be going through at the moment. Plus, writing down your goals and exactly how you’re going to achieve them forces you to commit.

Living in the now & trusting the process.

Living in the now can be challenging because you’re either obsessing over something of the past and wondering what went wrong or what you could of done differently. And on the other hand you’re anxious about the future, anticipating what’s to come next and wondering when things will change. It’s draining and distracting to be so wrapped up in those thoughts when you can focus on the now and appreciate the things that’s preparing you for the future.

Make a motivational playlist 

Music mostly always improve my mood. I have a special playlist with all the songs that get me together when I’m lacking motivation. So, make a playlist of all the songs that motivates you and turn it on when you feel yourself drowning.

Practice self-love and take care of yourself 

My main priority has been to maintain a healthy mind which is a full-time job for me. I’m still figuring this out but my go-to for taking care of myself is meditating, clearing out toxic feelings and protecting my energy.  Self-care can be anything from treating yourself, taking a deep breath or even binge watching a show. Just remember to take some time for you because when you are well, everything around you will follow.

Keep the faith 

My faith has been the biggest component that has helped me in this journey. Knowing that I am going to be okay, keeps me going. You never know, like J. Cole said “keep grinding, your life can change in one year” so keeping the faith can get you to your destination.

Hope this was beneficial for anyone that can relate and remember that you will be alright.

Stay tuned for additional post on self-care.