#SCW: Jade Kendle

Shyann Crush Wednesday (#SCW) is a weekly feature highlighting the creatives, entrepreneurs and important influencers that are inspiring me these days. Let these articles inspire you as you embark on your journey. 

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When I realized that I could create the world that I wanted to live in and I have the power to do that…it was a done deal at that point.


Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.13.24 PMFor this week’s women crush series, I’ve chosen beauty blogger and media personality Jade Kendle. Jade began her journey with “LipsticknCurls” while she was in college and since then has cultivated a personal brand that has led her to work with some of the top brands of today.

YouTube has become the launchpad for success in the media industry and I have watched Jade’s channel evolve into greatness over the years. Although Jade was the first YouTuber that successfully taught me how to do senegalese twist, I didn’t gravitate towards her channel for the beauty side of things because we have a totally different hair texture and a different complexion, I still very much enjoy watching though. But what captivated me was her authenticity and how she used her platform to educate, motivate and champion how important self-love is. No exaggeration, there has been countless times where Jade’s content has MOVED me with tears, her words are always so encouraging and something that I need to hear. Every time I feel myself losing faith, I rewatch her video titled “STORY TIME | I was HEARTBROKEN, BROKE, and STRUGGLING!”She discussed how her post-graduation life was not what she expected and how she got through by trusting the journey and keeping faith. Hearing her speak about how hard she struggled and then seeing her success now ensures me that “girl you will be alright.”


Another thing that sets Jade apart from other YouTubers is her educational background, she has  received both a Bachelor of Science in Development and Family Studies and a Master of Education in Education Policy and Leadership – Higher Education. In the early days of LipsticknCurls, she traveled the country empowering young women to embrace their natural hair, she still has that same sense of empowerment – always making sure to encourage someone whether it’s to follow your dreams or how to live a healthy life. She doesn’t play into the trends of the beauty blogger industry, she consistently provides high-quality content and brings a different perspective to the YouTube space. I have to thank Jade for becoming my personal motivational speaker and using her platform in a positive light.

Check out some of my favorite videos from Jade below:


A Hella Inspirational Weekend #LifeWithJade EP. 21 VLOG  

The 17:38 mark is so inspiring.


#LifeWithJade Ep14 We Went to The Grammys + Moving! 

Boyfriend Q&A! How we met, Ex’s, and Marriage?? PT.ONE

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Photos courtesy of Jade’s Instagram.