#SCW: Ryan Destiny

Shyann Crush Wednesday (#SCW) is a weekly feature highlighting the creatives, entrepreneurs and important influencers that’s inspiring me these days. Let these articles inspire you as you embark on your journey too. 

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This week I will be starting my very own crush series, each week I will feature someone who’s “crushing” it in their perspective fields. I have so many great people in mind that I can’t wait to share! I love celebrating women who are killing it in their career and inspiring others.

First up, Ryan Destiny

I am always genuinely happy to see artists I’ve been watching for a while start getting the shine they deserve. I became familiar with Ryan after I saw her cover of Beyonce “I Miss You”on YouTube in 2011. From then, I followed her on social media 1) because she was really pretty and 2) I had a feeling she was going somewhere with her talent. Ryan has made her mark in every field including music, television, film and fashion. The Detroit native has worked her way from being apart of a girl group Love Dollhouse to landing a leading role on FOX, Star.

Ryan made her television debut on the FOX musical-drama “Star” last year, the show will be returning September for season two.  On the show she’s apart of a trio that journeys to Atlanta with the hope of making it in the music industry. Ryan’s character “Alexandra” of course is my favorite. I always appreciate positive media representation of brown girls that young brown girls can look up to. Growing up I would get picked on for the complexion of my skin and constantly heard “you’re pretty for a dark skin girl” which actually isn’t a compliment and is very degrading. Fortunately I didn’t go through any insecurities because my parents taught me to love my blackness but I know for other girls it wasn’t the same. I am saying all of this to say Ryan is a great representation for all the brown girls. I love seeing her deal with colorism issues on the show.

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More and more people are becoming aware of Ryan mainly because of the way she kills every fit. Her visuals on Instagram are always making us do a double take. Ryan has created her own lane for her style and I truly adore it. The girl never misses!

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Ryan is getting notoriety and deserves all of it. She remains humble with her success by being appreciative of her supporters. At 22, she has killed every genre of entertainment she has touched and she’s just getting started. Ryan will be releasing an EP soon On Ones Own and is now apart of Khloe Kardashian Good American denim campaign. I’m sure she’ll achieve longevity in this industry so keep your eye on her!



Social: @RyanDestiny | Tumblr: http://ryandestiny.tumblr.com

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Photos courtesy of Ryan’s Instagram.