LISTEN: H.E.R. Vol. 1


It’s 10AM and I am on my 7th listen of the mysterious artist H.E.R. EP. When I first listened to the 7 song EP, I was immediately like WHO IS THIS? The artist H.E.R. who identity is disclosed is creating a buzz and I’m loving it. However, I was very curious and needed to have a face to put to the artist so I did a little research and figured out the person behind this twenty two minutes of greatness. Once I figured it out, I got so pumped because I have been waiting on music from this artist for a long time. You know how you get a little mad when an artist is so good but doesn’t release music and you don’t understand it? That is how I felt about her.

H.E.R. Vol.1 sounds like a mission to bring real R&B back. It is currently No.1 on iTunes R&B/Soul Chart.

You only show me love when it comes to the music/ It’s like when I feel lonely/ that’s when you start acting choosey/ I don’t want to keep playing them games cause I feel like I’m losing/ what we doing?

I’m really excited to see where she goes with this. Will she release more volumes to the EP and then have a big reveal? I think its interesting how the actual artist whose EP it is hasn’t posted anything on her personal social media accounts, its like she’s creating a new identity. In today’s age of the music industry you have to switch it up, H.E.R. definitely came with a different approach that I am admiring.

Whatever they are planning I just hope more music is in the near future because my obsession with this EP is sick. H.E.R. really delivers and leaves us wanting more. I NEED MORE but for now I’ll continue enjoying this greatness and you should check it out: